Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bush League

More and more, Stephen Harper seems to be doing his best to align us alongside George Bush.

The latest has seen him deciding (yet another of his apparent one-man proclamations) that the press may not provide images of the flag-draped coffins of Canadian soldiers coming home to be laid to rest.

Hard on the heels of the recent decision to no longer lower flags on Parliament Hill to half-mast, this smacks of more let's-be-like-GWB tactics.

To date, since 2002, there have been 15 Canadian soldiers and one diplomat killed in Afghanistan. Many more have been injured, many seriously.

Retracting the flag-lowering policy seems to be more than the usual spite-fostered anti-Liberal sentiment. It seems an indication that we are to expect many more deaths, in yet another conflict we probably have no business in.

While he's at it with these hide-the-war-under-the-carpet tactics, Harper continues to close his speeches with the hard-to-believe 'God Bless Canada' platitude. What I'd like to know is whose God? Whose Canada?

About the only integrity I can see from Harper's party is that at least they dropped the word 'Progressive' from their name.

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Janet said...

Seems we are heading towards an atmosphere of government sanctioned killing as a weapon against the sensitivities of social justice, human rights and participatory democracy.

Thanks for writing this Heidi.