Tuesday, October 04, 2016


I'll admit it isn't very often that I find myself inside a church. Although I suspect this has something to do with my spending waaay too many hours in one -- and on my knees -- last night's church experience held no such negatives.

It was a rehearsal night for an event I am thrilled to be a part of, "Call & Response: An Evening of Song and Poetry". As one of five poets participating in this, my job is to write a couple of poems, each of them in response to two of the choir's songs.

Listening to the Lyric Singers was downright thrilling. Their voices resonated through the church and seemed to rise up and into the night. It may well sound weird, but I definitely had chills during some of the songs -- and it wasn't from the temperature, but from the power of voices interlinked in harmonies.

I've learned that this church, Northwood United, even has a jazz vespers service. I'm sure it would be worth taking in.

Inspiring? You bet. Inspired enough to put in some more time on tweaking those response poems.


Janet Vickers said...

I love this idea of a service around call and response with poets. What church was this?

hg said...

Good reminder for me to insert the name of the church (Northwood United in Surrey) and to embed a link for it. Yes, provided your church has a choir, with all those poets over in your part of the world, this could be an easy idea to accommodate. Thanks for the comment!