Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remembering Jack

Had he lived, Jack Layton would have turned 62 today.

The photo was taken at a fundraiser event -- a backyard barbecue where Jack visited and chatted with everyone in attendance.

What a far cry from the barbecue event I stopped in at on Saturday, one sponsored by my always-elusive Member of Parliament. He kept himself surrounded by such a phalanx of worshippers, it felt impossible to talk with him or even ask a question. The thinly disguised security guard hovered so relentlessly, I finally gave up and headed out on my errands. Such a difference from the event with Layton, so much higher a profile official than my local pretender-to-power.

Ontario poet Penn Kemp is editing a book of memories about Layton. Quattro Books has scheduled its publication for next spring. For info about how to submit to this anthology (before the end of August), click here.

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