Friday, July 13, 2012

A place of vision

I suppose it doesn’t look like much – a grassy bit of clearing in the woods. And right now, that’s pretty much all it is. But come autumn, this will be home to a place for inner vision, a labyrinth.

The setting, Surrey’s Kwomais Point Park, used to be a church campground. But, luckily for our community, when the church decided to close the camp, the city moved to acquire the land before it could get rezoned for pricey condos. For that, a loud hurrah, for meeting the needs of the people!

Now, in conjunction with two groups involved with hospice work -- one that's local and one from Vancouver -- the city is going to construct a labyrinth in the park.

The plans look great, as the large trees will be preserved and native plantings will be used to complement the setting. Best of all, the coils of the labyrinth will be wide enough to accommodate wheelchair users.

I’m looking forward to being able to use this nearby site for quiet meditation. In amongst the trees, with a peekaboo view to the sea, it should provide much in the way of deep inward vision, and maybe even some creative inspiration.

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