Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shaky plans?

At ten this morning, there's supposed to be province-wide earthquake drill. It even has an official name, the Great B.C. Shake Out. Sounds a bit like something that might happen at the airport or the border.

And no, they didn't choose today because it's Australia Day. Apparently, this day was selected for being the 311th anniversary (what's the significant gift for that year, platinum razor blades?) of the last mega-quake (9.0) that happened out here. Yep, that'd be 1700. Makes at least for nice, easy math.

An earthquake isn't something to joke about, even though it might be the only thing to dislodge our over-inflated real estate prices. The region's geography makes it pretty well inevitable that sooner or later, another big one will occur.

Still, I'm suspicious as to just how province-wide this will be. For one thing, the claim that schools will be participating sounds highly unlikely, as secondary school students are occupied in the task of writing provincial exams. Yet another case of one branch of government not knowing what another one is doing?

Of all the people I've asked about it, not a single one has even heard of it. Still, when the real thing arrives, you can bet that they'll know.


hg said...

Sure enough. Not everybody participated. Not even B.C.’s government officials -- men and women who work in a building that hasn’t been earthquake-proofed. How’s that for setting an example?

Karen lee Thompson said...

How are things going with your publication schedule? Do you have a launch date yet?