Friday, January 07, 2011

Poems and other celebrations

Once again, Merry Christmas. Those countries that follow the Julian calendar are observing Orthodox Christmas today. In researching the observance, I found note of a gift of poetry as a way to mark the day, so today I offer poems as well.

One is a cooperative effort, published as the new year's Monday poem by Leaf Press. This is an annual event where publisher Ursula Vaira calls for poets to send in couplets, usually on some particular theme. She and her colleagues then assemble them into a poem. This year, I was fortunate to have a piece from my couplet used as the title.

Another celebratory poem is one by Kim Goldberg. Her poem, "Ephemeral Exhibit" is the fourth one down on this site, part of a celebration of what you might call celestial poetry, though its technical name is Astropoetry. I like the explanation Kim sent when she alerted me to the posting:
The sub-genre of Astropoetry is also sometimes termed Astrohumanism and entertains the notion that our cultural differences and grievances are diminished to invisibility beneath the vastness of the cosmos.

I'm also choosing to celebrate today, as I've sent off another version (one I hope might be getting close to final) of my novella, Shrinking Violets, scheduled to be published later this spring by Quattro Books.


Janet Vickers said...

Congratulations on the novella - may it have a safe journey through all the right portals, and for your article in PRRB

hg said...

Thank you, Janet. I do hope you'll also click on the cooperative poem posted at Leaf Press in its Monday Poems series. I find it quite amazing the way they're able to assemble these submissions into such meaningful pieces!
More news will be coming on the novella, especially as launch date and the various readings approach.

daniela elza said...

Yes, congratulations on this newest of book adventures, Heidi.

Thanks for posting the link to the monday poem. I do not know how I missed being part of it this year, but took part in the last two years. It is amazing how it comes together. I have a weakness for collaborations. There is something magical there. And I posted the link to the Blue Print Review which is calling now for collaborated submissions for their next issue.

Thanks also for mentioning the reading/writing WordWhips event at the Jewish Community Centre tonight. I will be co-hosting that with Dennis Bolen and I hope people come and have fun, and give it a try writing to the art in the gallery.