Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I did it!

Not enough words to really stand as a novel, maybe not even enough to qualify as an official novella.

Still, after the 72 hours that were available to me, I'd managed to crank out over 15,000 words for this year's 3-Day Novel competition.

Amazingly, my batch of words even seems to exhibit a beginning, an end, and a bunch of somewhat-related bits that make up a middle.

How did I get through it?

Besides relying on coffee and Rice-Krispie treats, I was supported by my wonderful partner, who made sure that I had meals, complete with freshly-made (freshly-picked, no less) salads.

He even took me out to a nearby restaurant Saturday night. The break (especially the walk there and back) really did a lot to clear my head.

And yes, that mess at the top of this post is part of what evolved over the course of the three days. As I compiled the various notes, they served as the guideposts (though crampons rather than guideposts may be more descriptive of the traction they provided) that helped me make it to my goal.


Janet Vickers said...

Congratulations Heidi. What an accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

YAY!! Rock on, Hoserette. 15,000 words is pretty impressive, look forward to reading 'em someday in the near future.

Cat Jammies

hg said...

I am very glad about this too.

When I went into my local (pharmacy-based) postal outlet to finally send it off, I thought I saw one of my characters on an advert there.

I also got the most-excellent helper at our coffee shop to give the envelope a good-luck pinch.

Thanks so much for the words of support!

daniela elza said...

Wow. good for you, Heidi, for taking the challenge.
Wishing you all the best. I am giving your envelope a virtual pinch, or squeeze, or hug, whatever it needs.

hg said...

Both my envelope and I thank you (though I think I might have heard a tiny 'ouch' from the already-in-transit envelope).