Saturday, September 04, 2010

36 Frames

That's how many frames are on a standard roll of film. And that's how many pieces, taken with standard cameras, are in the current photo show at the Semiahmoo Arts Gallery.

The opening, last Thursday, kept viewers entranced -- not only with the prints hanging framed along the walls, but with the old cameras on display there.

Some of us even played around with View-Master reels, shot and created for the occasion by the artist.

There was lots about the night that was fun. Heck, even most of the food was in shades of black and white.


Anonymous said...

great job on the on shots.

Anonymous said...

good job, leo

hg said...

Hey, Leo,

I'm assuming both the above comments are from you.

Too bad you can't make it out here to the coast. The show is much better in person. Still, glad you were able to take this little peek at it!