Sunday, April 25, 2010

Written in stone

My mother was born on Christmas Day, and thus was named Carole. She was always proud of her birthday being that day, so it seemed disappointing when her burial site turned out to be a cold, rules-bidden mausoleum. It's a place that doesn't permit living flowers or plants. Its markers allow no indication of dates, only the years of birth and death.

My sister Lisa came to the rescue, and purchased a 'paver stone' that commemorates our mother's dates -- and, probably to our mother's liking, rectifies the fact that she was only a youthful-sounding 81 when she died, and not the ancient-sounding 82.

Today, Lisa and I, in company of many of Lisa's friends, attended a lovely ceremony at Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve where the memorial paver had been installed. The park was a place our mother had enjoyed visiting in life. Hopefully, her spirit now rests more peacefully among the trees and garden there.


Ketron2001 said...

Hello Heidi,

It was great to meet you at the paver dedication on Sunday. I was wrong about the publishing house name, it's a small place in Berkeley CA called Beatitude Press. Check out their website!

Again, nice meeting you!

Meg Ketron
Freind of Hemlock Bluffs

hg said...

Thanks for passing along that info, Meg. I do hope you're going to follow through on creating that blog you mentioned. Homilies that that 'have their feet on the ground' sound like a great idea.