Friday, April 02, 2010

A better-than-Good Friday

Sleeping in always makes the day easier. A holiday, and best of all, one with no expectations. Although maybe the 'no expectations' part isn't quite true.

This is a day on which I long-ago agreed to always meet a friend for a rendez-vous in a certain park. Good Friday, an easy enough day to remember. Between 12 and 3, a safe enough window of time. And yet again yesterday, he bugged me (okay, reminded me) that I've never once made it there.

Still, this is a day of few expectations. It's a holiday when nobody expects a present or a big fancy dinner. A day for doing nothing more than enjoying life and maybe colouring a few eggs.

After looking at our pile of farm-fresh free-range eggs, I worry about the chicken who laid that gigantic one. I can only think there must be one hen hopping about the yard, clucking ouch, ouch, ouch.


Karen said...

We are getting one of those eggs most days, so I'm assuming it's the same hen. Let's hope that it just gets easier with each one she lays!

hg said...

For her sake, let's hope it gets easier. I'm not sure that's quite the way it worked with my children. Who knows, maybe chickens have some form of Lamaze...
And thank you, Karen, for the always-delicious eggs!