Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prorogue? No thanks.

The mood at yesterday's gathering was clear: prorogue is not in the best interests of Canadians.

We gathered at what's become the traditional spot, north side of the Vancouver Art Gallery, and made our way through the downtown streets to Victory Square.
There were a few politicians in attendance, among them Adriane Carr and Hedy Fry (and it's worth clicking on the 30-second video posted at her site). But aside from this handful of NDP and Liberal MPs (and of course, the Green candidate), can you imagine? Not a single Conservative showed up. You'd think they'd have wanted the chance to enlighten us as to why they think proroguing is the right thing to do and not just the avoidance tactic it appears to be.

The mood of the day was positive, with lots of conversation among strangers. Even the police riding along on their bicycles were mellow and ready to chat. Funniest sign was the one that read "Canadians want perogies, not prorogues" with the best part being the fact she was handing out perogies to those who wanted a snack.

Now, if only the government could get the message that people do care about how we are governed -- and that we want our elected officials in Parliament to get back to work. If you feel like phoning Hunky Steve and reminding him that there's lots to do, his number is on the final photo on this post.

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