Monday, July 27, 2009


That isn't a typo, as I'm not talking about literacy. My gripe is litter. Even on the rocky shoreline of Hornby Island.

It seems there used to be more public awareness campaigns about litter -- Don't be a litterbug. I'm happy to see the city of Ottawa is one place that's revived this program. I just hope the movement spreads, as I'm sick of finding junk on the ground.

Still, in my small way, I continue to 'act locally' by picking up one piece of litter every day. Why not try it? You'll be doing something positive for your neighbourhood and for the planet.


Kimmy said...

what we do is collect all those tossed beer cans and add up the spoils. we return them (they're worth a dime now!) and all the money goes into our No-$ Xmas charity fund. there's already over $150 in it, just from doing things like picking up other people's beer cans.

hg said...

Oh yes, your family does that wonderful No-Money Christmas thing. Sooo $mart!

While it's great that tins now generate some money for the picker, the pics I used were somewhat misleading, I suppose. The litter that makes me craziest is the just-plain-junk that too many people leave behind: chocolate bar wrappers, cigarette packets, coffee cups, you name it. And it's those I make an effort to snag one of each day I'm when I'm out for a stroll. Because in truth, I leave the money-makers (bottles and tins) for the real gleaners -- folks like you, Kimmy!

Kimmy said...

we're about to hit $300 this week in the no-$$ Xmas fund. our dinner is already paid for using nothing but the quarters that Dangerousway shoppers are too lazy to return to the cart holder thingy and collect. the rest will be split up by family to be used at Xmas as we see fit!

hg said...

Wow, $300 and it's only August. You guys are goo-oood! And silly me, who went to said Dangerousway yesterday, diligently returned my cart to said cart holder thingy, so if you'd lived near here you wouldn't have got my quarter. They've got me trained, eh!