Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It’s festival season!

Summer, and the season of folk festivals and jazz festivals and writers’ festivals is in full swing.

One that's going on this week is the Harrison Festival of the Arts. It offers some of everything: music, theatre, dance, visual arts and even a taste of the literary arts.

This year’s Literary Café featured the multi-talented Andreas Schroeder, and poets Elsie K. Neufeld and Leonard Neufeldt. The focus for this year’s event was a celebration of the Mennonite literary tradition in the area. Neufeld and Neufeldt (that looks almost as confusing as Thompson and Thomson) have worked together on many projects that showcase Mennonite work. The 2006 anthology, Half in the Sun, presented poems and prose by some of B.C.’s Mennonite writers.

Mellow offerings from the Nelson Boschman Trio bookended the event.

From the left, the photo below shows Elsie with the evening’s host, Cheryl Isaac.

Next stop? The 7th annual writers’ festival on Denman Island.

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Janet Vickers said...

Yes it was a lovely event - and although the literature arises from the Mennonite experience - anyone with a heart could identify with the fears and hopes of its heroes.