Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fiesta del San Patricio

Where better to be for St. Patrick's Day than a town called San Patricio!

Wearing our green T-shirts, we got into the car and drove over to the nearby towns of Melaque/San Patricio. A carnival, complete with rides and midway, was running full blast.
There was lots to see and do: foosball tents, Bingo games (but not like the Bingo most of us think of, I-19, O-64 -- more like 'travel' Bingo, just pictures -- of everything from roosters to the devil). There were medicine hawkers, boot vendors, even a rodeo. I enjoyed just looking at it all, snapping pictures. But that wasn't too hard to do, considering I was sipping a pina colada from a little clay pot while we strolled.
The most amazing part of the evening was the display of fireworks that ended the night. When we'd arrived, a group of men had been building a tower-like structure in the town square. A series of spinning explosives were arranged on the tower, so each would ignite in turn, one from the previous. The video will give you some idea of how this worked -- only lucky you, you won't have to worry about sparks falling into your hair!

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