Sunday, October 14, 2007

Reading at Janet's

Really, I have such civilized friends. To celebrate Marion Quednau's recent book, The Gift of Odin, Janet Vickers hosted a Sunday afternoon soiree.

Because Odin is a pig, albeit of the Vietnamese variety, guests were asked to bring a piggy haiku for the occasion.

Here's Janet, reading hers. Unfortunately, I didn't write that one down. Instead, you get stuck with the silly one I wrote:

"Cartoon in Pink and White"
pretty ballerinas
piggies dancing tippy-toe
on clouds of whipped cream

Write a better one, please. Odin deserves it.

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Janet Vickers said...

Just noticed this post ... my fifteen minutes of fame! Well, Heidi, your haiku is very good - just as cute as Odin.

Here's mine (I'm an incurable exhibitionist and just can't get enough of this fame)

Like rich land-owners
Warthogs graze in Skukuza
until satisfied.