Saturday, October 06, 2007

Peace in our time

Protests continue to take place around the world, in an effort to keep all eyes on the 'Saffron Revolt' in Myanmar (or as some still call it, Burma).

This photo of a Buddhist monk, taken in Sydney in 2002, illustrates the patient care of a mandala-maker. It's important to note that the medium he's using is sand -- a good reminder of how temporaral our existence is. That seems like all the more reason to be looking for peace, and now.


JoeFlyer said...

Mandalas are cool :)

Anonymous said...

From one generalist to another, great blog and the photo of bill bissett captures the butterfly movement of his hands very well. We met at that reading and you were kind enough to give me a lift to the Skytrain Station. I've finally gotten around to finding your blog to thank you once again. Also I finally got my book (I did fifty readings on Sept29th. Whew.) and I would love to mail you a copy if you're interested. My email is cheers