Saturday, July 21, 2007

More about the Thailand tour

As mentioned in an earlier post, the trip to Thailand meant beaches, temples, markets -- all that the brochures promise, but oh so much more.

Although we spent most of our time on the island of Ko Pha Ngan, we journeyed to Chayaphum (in the northern area of Isaan) and environs (national parks, more temples, a tiny village still dedicated to growing rice). We also spent a few days in Krung Thep (Bangkok), where we stayed on the 68th floor of the Baiyoke Sky, the tallest building in the city. We had spectacular views and it felt like unbelievable luxury (especially the bathtub!). What a contrast from the simple life we'd had, lounging in the hammock at our bungalow.

But contrast was ultimately what the country was about. So much was so different from the kind of life we're accustomed to in Canada. The street markets and food vendors, the easy-going pace, and maybe most of all, the amazing highway system. Of course, the fact that so many people drive motorbikes rather than cars frees up an incredible amount of space on the roads. Even during Bangkok rush hour, most vehicles seemed to keep moving, probably due, at least in part to the complex system of overpasses. And even when we were hours north of Bangkok, the highway was six to eight lanes wide. It seemed a far cry from what passes for infrastructure here in B.C.

I've not posted my photo album on a public site, so please let me know if you'd like the by-invitation link.

And oh yes, those pesky clothespegs. Jeez, but they were annoying! I seemed to spend more time re-assembling them than I did actually hanging out the clothes.

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