Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More San Francisco Times

Strange as it probably seems, one of the highlights of the trip to SF was a visit to Alcatraz. As tours go, it was probably the best I've been on. Headsets ensured we all heard the same information. They also meant we moved in small groups, and not as one giant herd.

One of the other highlights -- something that really made me feel I was in the City of Poets was encountering a guy (Thom Schimer) on the street selling tiny little books. We chatted a bit about lit magazines. I was happy to learn he's familiar with both Broken Pencil and sub-Terrain.

Anyway, I bought a pack of Thom's little comix. One of my favourite lines from one: "I like it when it rains: You don't feel guilty about staying inside and you get time to yourself if you go walking around." Pretty much the way I feel about our climate here in the Lower Mainland of B.C.

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