Wednesday, April 11, 2007

It's National Poetry Month!

In fact, it's already a third of the way through. So quick, here are five reasons to write poetry.

1. Every culture seems to have a poetic tradition; it’s a world-wide form. So I guess that means poetry shares certain aspects with the Internet – it’s world-wide too. No wonder there’s so much poetry blossoming online.

2. Poetry is the oldest literary form. Unlike the novel, it’s been around for a really long time.

3. Poetry is the newest literary form. Constantly changing, it adapts to the times – although maybe it’s the times that adapt to the poetry?

4. Poetry is the most efficient form of the literary arts, packing the most meaning into the fewest words.

5. Poetry is portable. We can carry it in our mind, can even repeat memorized lines of it. All those rhythms, even when they’re subtle, love to imprint themselves on the brain.

And if those five reasons aren’t enough to get you started, turn off your computer and step outside into whatever the elements have to throw in your face.

Listen for what your inner voice wants to scream back at the sky.

There. You have the first piece of your poem.

Once you get the rest of it written, why not send it as a comment?

1 comment:

Janet Vickers said...

Love: the poem

You are near as the bedside table. Far as Plaeides.
Long as genealogy and short as my breath.
Companion and rival, friend and tormentor.
You clearly escape me now.