Wednesday, January 17, 2007

50 ways to . . . (a rude interruption)

So much for my plan to accomplish 50 for 50 in only 50 days. I seem to have lost a couple of days to the dreaded gastrointestinal flu. Ack. Besides sleeping almost ’round the clock, I spent too much time in the smallest room in our house.

Thanks to ginger ale, I am coming back to life. Heck, I’m now even up to soup for breakfast!

My advice regarding this particular bug?

1. Don’t get it.

Apparently it helps if you DON’T shake hands with anyone, DON’T hug anyone, and DON’T share things that you put into your mouth.

2. Failing that, my fallback advice is to be sure you’re stocked up on supplies. If you get this flu, you sure as heck won’t be going out to do any shopping.

Back on track soon!

PS That 'smallest room' in the pic was Leon Trotsky's. Seemed apt!

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