Sunday, January 28, 2007

50 ways to...50 manières à...Part/Partie 2a

Between going away and then coming home to do catch-up, I’ve come down with a killer of a cold. Not a good month health-wise, but hey, I have at least managed one more event on my 50 for 50 project.

#15 (Jan 25-28) Even though I haven't been up to going out, I found something I could be part of from home. I’d like to call it participatory art, along the lines of the old Participaction fitness campaign. Participartaction, anyone?

In spite of the project’s active-sounding name, Words on the Move, it really isn’t one bit athletic.

This is the fourth year the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada has sponsored what can only be called a group translation fest. They’ve posted two poems on their website: one in English, one in French. They’ve asked members of the public to provide a translation of one of the poems. They say ‘into any language’ – do you suppose Igpay Atinlay counts?

Unfortunately, deadline for submissions is tomorrow, the 29th, so my entry is squeaking in right under the wire.

Since they plan to post all entries after the 7th of February, this is a great chance to get a different sort of publication credit. Now, if only I could find a more delicate translation for mes couilles.

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