Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ivy Commando Squad

This is me, rigged out in full battle gear, in process of cutting back our hedge.

It seems to me that the English have always been good at fortifications -- of course, it helps if you can start out on an island. I figure that's probably what inspired them to invent the moat for their castles.

The 'fortification' between our neighbours and us is a tall hedge of English ivy. All green and shiny, it looks innocent enough. But innocent it is not.

It puts out flowers that at first look like miniature bits of broccoli, but look out -- their pollen is a nightmare. Even wrapped in a bandanna, my throat gets to feel as though it wants to take a shower. And no, drinking water doesn't ease it. Poor old throat just feels as though it wants a good scrub.

Anyway, the chore is done for yet another season. I figure the hedge should behave until next spring. Then I'll don my Raiders shirt again and do yet another attack.


Gus said...

"good fences make good neighbors"

hg said...

Thanks for reminding me about that great poem, Gus. I still remember a lot of the insights you first turned me on to about that poem. Wow, what a lot of prepositions in that sentence!

roxword said...

looking at your deck full of ivy stuffed plastic bags and wondering, oh no, where did the golf course go?

hg said...

Good reminder, Rox. Time to do a posting on deck-golf!

Janet said...

I would have come over to help but I was on vacation, strolling the beaches of Tofino. Sigh!