Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Road from Paris to London

...But maybe not the road you were expecting.

We've been spending the last while tucked away on the family farm, nestled along the highway between Paris and London, but it's Paris and London, Ontario.

A great place for observing Thanksgiving, especially with so many family members coming from near and far to celebrate. And all of it has been enhanced by the brights colours coming out in the trees and the wonderfully blue skies.

Last night things took a bit of change, as it was the book launch for my newest book of poems, Practical Anxiety.

The Hamilton bookstore where the event took place, Epic Books, proved to indeed be epic. Friends and family filled the place, along with a number of new friends. We even had a musician to set the mood for listening.



Janet Vickers said...

Congratulations to you Heidi on your new book. Hope there will be a launch on the island.

hg said...

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get to be a part of the Wordstorm series in 2019. Thank you for your ongoing support. With luck, I will see you in Nanaimo.