Thursday, September 13, 2018

A day for brown

With all the worries about Hurricane Florence and impending power outages, I came across the word 'brownout' -- a term describing those moments when the power fades, sometimes going in and out, a sign that's often a precursor to a true power-out event -- vaguely the opposite of a power surge.

Yet with all the current worries about the storm, which I suspect will be ongoing, I managed to find a small piece of good news for today. Who would have thought there'd be a day to celebrate the glories of chocolate! But yes,there is such a date and this is it. If you want to learn more about chocolate, the Smithsonian takes this treat seriously enough to have an extensive article on its history.

Hoping you'll find a way to taste some today, though probably any other day it will be just as yummy. (Oh, and as for those googly eyes, they're a pair of early Halloween treats looking up at you.)


Janet Vickers said...

yes chocolate - we must get it and store it before the power lines and trees come down otherwise we shall be stuck at home without any. And when we have the added stress of no power, no TV or radio, no wifi, chocolate could be a comfort.

hg said...

Even when the power is on, chocolate provides comfort. One of my many probably-bad habits, but chocolate at least is one I'm willing to own up to.