Wednesday, November 09, 2016

There are walls, and then there are walls...

This is a wall.

This is a wall with ivy on it.

This is a wall covered with colourful autumny leaves,

It's a wall, yes -- one that provides a bit of privacy,

but isn't a wall that encloses anything.

Maybe it's the only kind of wall anyone should need.

On this morning (or should that be mourning?), I can't help but notice the numbers at the bottom of my computer's screen: 09/11/2016. It seems indeed like quite another kind of 9/11.


p√Ętisserie_moi said...

Powerful, especially with the photo, Heidi. Who needs walls of divisiveness and hatred based on fear? Susan

Virginia Gillespie said...
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Virginia Gillespie said...

Or walls meant to exclude, reject or ignore. Thank you for this poetic insight.

hg said...

Yesterday I heard about one wall we should erect -- a wall to keep hate from creeping across the border into Canada. That wall would be invisible, but strong: a wall of our values.