Wednesday, September 07, 2016

On the road again

We're not as ambitious this time as we were for our road trip in 2011, when we drove and camped across North America and back -- Pacific to Atlantic and back to the Pacific again. Still, this should be an interesting journey, as the goal is Yellowstone, and a bit beyond.

We don't go as fast as some of the traffic, though we keep up our pace and pull off to the side when we can for speedier vehicles. Now and then we pass someone who deserves to have their photo taken, as was the case with this vintage RV and car.

As you can see, we had passed them, but did so too quickly to get off a good snap. So instead you get to see them through the eye of the side mirror, complete with a snippet of our own beloved RV, The Rattler which has taken us so many wonderful places.

A rainy day, not so good for hiking, but great covering a lot of miles. Onward! To see our next stop -- click Yellowstone.

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