Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Canada Day

The weather is perfect -- clear and sunny. The flag is a little bit wrinkled, but hopeful as ever. Hmmm. I suppose some may apply the same descriptors to me.

A day to be lazy, maybe turn pages while I lie about in my outdoor 'reading room'.

Happy 147th birthday, Canada!


Janet Vickers said...

Heidi if you add the gadget under the layout menu "Follow by Email
Make it easy for visitors to subscribe to email delivery when you publish a post." your fans can be kept informed of new posts. This is different from the Followers gadget which shows who is following but doesn't send emails when a new post is added.

hg said...

Hmm. I guess I'm just not "in yer face" enough to want to send email notifications when I do a post. Probably the same reason I don't link my posts via Facebook. Face it, Janet, despite keeping a blog, I am pretty much shy and not really into self-promotion.

That is not who I am supposed to be, I am sure. Still, that's who I am stuck with being.

Thank you for your kind thoughts and gentle nudges which I'm sure are only intended to help me "get with the program."