Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Beginning of Others...

The other day saw me posting about things ending. Today's news is thankfully, much brighter. The labyrinth at Kwomais Point Park is another step closer to completion.

Despite the rains, a troupe of dedicated volunteers came out to set a raft of native plants into the area around the labyrinth (and the mosaic near the buildings).

Afternoon saw a small literary event, with winners of Semiahmoo Arts 'Summery Writing Contest' introduced. The five winners read from their work and received their prizes.

Evening saw a far more elaborate event called INvision.

Dancers, actors, poets, drummers, a cellist, improv artists, a painter (who painted a wedding dress -- yes, she created a wild design on a once-boringly-white wedding dress) and even a didgeridoo player.

As if all that wasn't enough of a celebration for the labyrinth, as we left the hall, we were greeted by a troupe of fire dancers. Spectacular!


Melbourne Roof Restoration said...

It's nice to read your update regarding the labyrinth with native plants starting to grow there. Keep it up!

hg said...

Thanks so much for your note of support. I'm looking forward to springtime -- when the native plants will have had a chance to establish themselves and grow. That's when we'll have the official ceremony 'baptizing' the labyrinth.