Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Happy World Poetry Day!

Even though we're still on the road, staying at campgrounds in Washington state, as you can see from my reading material, I'm celebrating the day.

World Poetry Day was proclaimed by UNESCO in 1999, and was first celebrated in 2000.

The day has also been officially proclaimed in many places around the world, including my own city, Surrey, BC.

It's a day to read or remember a poem you love. Or, better yet, why not write one!


Trish said...

Happy Writing everyone -

I'm celebrating World Poetry Day by working on a poem for the Geist Erasure contest.

hg said...

Thanks for taking up the day's challenge, Trish. The Sheila Heti piece posted by Geist provides lots of opportunities for interesting erasures. Write (or, un-write) on!