Friday, February 03, 2012

Oscar alert – a new category?

Ever since I saw Woody Allen's Manhattan, I've wanted a new category for the Academy Awards. That's some while to be wanting a thing, but like so many unlikely wishes, it's one I've been able to leave on hold.

Still, seeing The Adventures of Tintin this week, the wish has once again embedded itself in my mind.

The award I'd like would be for a film's opening sequence -- a feature, if you consider my two examples, that not every movie even contains.

Think back, if you will, to the opening of Manhattan. All that skyline, the iconic buildings, but most of all, the Gershwin soundtrack. As far as I'm concerned (sacrilege alert, I am sure:) it was the best part of the movie.

And while the opening to Tintin was definitely NOT the best part of the movie, it provided the perfect introduction to the spunky reporter and his brainy dog, Snowy.

Steven Spielberg often makes me crazy (as with the way-too-sentimental War Horse) or all those sparkly bits he always has to toss in, falling from the sky. But with Tintin, he's done a service -- not only to longtime fans of Herge's character, but to a whole new potential audience.

Can you think of other films that qualify for this award?

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