Thursday, December 22, 2011

Return of the light

In this time zone (PST) the winter solstice occurred twelve hours ago. From here on in, so long as the clouds aren't too thick, there'll be more light in the sky each day, leading us into spring towards summer.

Those of us who observe the Solstice aren't the only ones lighting our homes. The menorah candles are casting light for Hanukkah (Chanukah); trees and windows and eaves bear coloured lights.

These traditions seem to be so ingrained, it's almost as if they're part of our genetic heritage. But whatever reasons we have for illuminating our homes, light brings hope and joy to our celebrations.

Whatever you choose to do this time of year, enjoy!


camoren said...

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hg said...

Not long ago, I read something about LED Christmas light(bulb) replacements being so difficult to find, the person had to throw out the old string and buy an entire new one. So your news sounds good, especially if they look "best when the lights are off." Now, there's energy efficiency for ya!