Monday, October 31, 2011

Silly and fun

... and easy. Those are usually the best Halloween costumes. The ones that come together, often at the last minute. Bits of this, a little of that, with something in-between.

This is the hat I wore for my costume as The Magnetic Poet (yep, it's a metal colander -- will go back into service for pasta soon, I am sure).

With a small metal clipboard on a string as a necklace (with words magnetized onto it too), all I had to do was put on some silly clothes. A red sweater, an orange skirt, red gloves, a red-and-orange get the picture.

Oh, and a bag of more magnetic words, which turned into a group-effort poem on my friend's fridge.

Happy Hallowheeeeen!


Janet Vickers said...

These are the best kind of halloween costumes.

hg said...

For sure! Once, I was successful in convincing my mother to get me a store-bought costume (it might have been Wonder Woman -- I probably really just wanted the boots). Anyway, the darn thing was wimpy and limp and hideous. Only decent part was the mask -- and that meant I couldn't see properly or run with my friends. Lesson learned.