Monday, August 08, 2011

Popomatic fun

If you recognize the phrase above, chances are good that you remember the game it came from, Popomatic Trouble. And if you click on that link to the game, you might be amazed at the vocabulary the copy contains – capricious, liberated, reciprocate – hardly the stuff of 140-character u r 2 cool messages.

But tonight’s experiment in Popamaticism comes in a different form, an innocent-enough looking cob of corn, only this cob contains popping corn.

The directions actually say:
Place ear in the centre of your microwave. Be brave! You don’t need a container or paper bag. You can’t see the fun if you do.
So, obedient type that I am, I did as they suggested. And while it wasn’t heaps of excitement to clean up the after-mess, I’ll admit it was fun watching it do its thing. Besides, I got a bowl of one of my favourite snacks as compensation for any inconvenience.

Would I do it again? You poppin’ bet I would.


Janet Vickers said...

Thanks for doing this Heidi - now I don't have to. I can just watch your video

hg said...

Oh, but the real thing not only lasts longer than 14 seconds, it's also much tastier!