Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy birthday, Canada

Even the newspaper says that it's a day to celebrate! The front page is full of newlywed royals and best birthday wishes.

Canada's 144 years old today -- and we're home again.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hosers Welcome Back To Canada Eh!

hg said...

It's nice to be home, feels like something to celebrate. Lucky us, we even got down to White Rock beach for fireworks tonight.

MCDFB said...

You're home! Yay! Yeesh, but it was great to spend so much time with you guys and not feel rushed. Come back!


Janet Vickers said...

Welcome home Heidi.

A hundred and forty four years is not very old for a country. We are toddlers with so much potential.

hg said...

Lovedoll, it's your turn to show up out here, but yes, I agree that the pace of our visit was right on lazy.

And Janet, I agree with your assessment of our young country. I just hope we can somehow get rolling and start fulfilling some of that potential. Too many government actions of late make it seem as though so much of that potential is being dribbled away in unworthy pursuits.