Friday, December 31, 2010

Taking stock

End of year always feels like a time to consider what's gone on during the previous twelve months.

On many fronts, this hasn't been the best of years. Still, I plan to take inspiration from the sprig of holly that's nestled itself into that chunk of wood. I know where I took the picture, and I plan to go back again next winter to see how it's doing.

I am hoping that both the holly and I will have accomplished much.

Expect a new look (again) to the blog in January, as well as some goals and commitments.

Want to start thinking about some of your own dreams and goals? Add a comment if you'd like to commit to any of them. We can look at them again next December 31 to see how we've fared.


Janet Vickers said...

I'd like to see another full length book of your poetry soon. Noticed the article in PRRB and have put that aside to read after the hols.

Wishing you good entries and connections.

hg said...

Thank you for the good wishes, Janet. You understand the stuff of my dreams, don't you... Still, I'm not complaining about the prospect of a book of fiction coming out this spring -- May, if all goes well.