Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lungs of the Earth

This morning saw me making an early morning trip to the airport, dropping off my sister who'd been visiting. On the way home, with those mixed-up feelings of sadness and regret that so often are part of a family visit, it felt comforting to drive past fields where a blanket of autumn mist was rising. Naturally, this was one of those times when my camera wasn't by my side.

But when I got home to our little yard so full of trees, I decided to take a picture of one of the pieces of found art we display outdoors. It seems to so clearly show the role that trees play as the lungs of the earth.

And speaking of trees, this little blog is one of many that's had some of its posts selected for a 'blog carnival'. If you'd like to see some of the many blog posts about trees, click here to see the current carnival, Festival of the Trees.

And if you'd like more info about getting one of your posts linked into next month's carnival, click here.

But in the meantime, while the weather lasts, think about getting outside and working your own lungs in the company of some of the 'lungs of the earth' in your neighbourhood.

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