Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Pork 'n beans

Though these aren't exactly what you might expect.

I guess I must be missing the supper blog I kept last year, as here I am doing what I did then -- telling about what we had for supper.

The pork was something I'd found on sale, that had waited in the freezer for just the right night. The beans were ones I picked yesterday, when I was out picking yet another load of blueberries.

Still, this new twist on an old favourite seemed worthy enough of a post. Although, where we're having it with rice, maybe it should be known by the name of that other favourite dish, rice 'n beans.


Janet Vickers said...

Yes I miss your supper reports.

hg said...

It's funny how something as insubstantial as a bunch of supper postings could be missed. But you're not the first one to say that. Maybe I'll have to find a way for what's-fer-supper to rise again.