Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Meanings and meanderings

I've written before about daisies and their meanings, both what they mean to me, and what they mean in the world of floriology.

I'm thinking of daisies today, not only because they seem to be at their peak out in the garden, but because they make me think of two different men, one who's too young to have really started his life, the other who's much older, but who's played an oddly important role in mine.

Even though I'm sure it's nothing but a waste of time, I've written to Steve Harper again. But no, Steve's not one of the men I'm thinking about. The reason I've written to Steve is because of Omar Khadr. Earlier this week, another ruling came down. This one gives the government of Canada a week to do something on behalf of Khadr who, it must be remembered, has not been convicted of anything.

The daisy plays into this for several of its meanings, youth and childhood innocence. As for youth, Khadr's is gone, disappeared to his bad luck growing up with the father he did and further to the confines of Guantanamo, where he's been kept since he was 15.

One of the saddest associations with the daisy is from a Celtic legend, claiming daisies as the spirits of children who died at birth. Khadr didn't die at birth, though metaphorically, the association seems apt.

But on a much happier note, today is the day my once-upon-a-time heart-throb Ringo Starr turns 70. For once, I guess my mother must have been right: he was too old for me.

And the significance of daisies as they relate to Ringo? I imagine, especially where he has Barbara Bach as a life-partner, that the daisy will still be true when it tells me ‘he loves me not.’ Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post. It was a welcome relief after reading a pile of comments full of hatred and ignorance following the news articles on Khadr. But your letter to Harper will fall on deaf ears I'm afraid. It's that crowd he's encouraging and catering to.

hg said...

I suspect you're right about Harper's deaf ears. The part that I don't like is his cold heart -- and from a man who so publicly claims to be a Christian. Here I'd thought Christ's message was one of compassion.

hg said...

Amazing. Steve's office replied. Friday evening before a long weekend. A form letter offering that they'd pass my message along to the minister overseeing same. Anticlimactic or what. At least, it's a response. More than my MP usually bothers with.