Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HST -- yes or no?

I'm still puzzled about what kind of effect B.C.'s new HST will have on purchases I make. Apparently, books won't be subject to the tax (fingers crossed, they're my biggest vice), but newspapers will. Groceries won't be, but restaurant food will. Clothing? Office supplies? I think so.

My question for today is, what about magazines? Did I just buy my last magazine with a tax of 5%? Will the next one be subject to 12%? Or, better yet, will I simply pay the cover cost?

I guess, if I buy a magazine tomorrow, I'll find out.


Anonymous said...

Any goods or service with 5% GST added before will now have the 12% HST added instead.

hg said...

In other words, magazines will now be taxed at 12%. Just exactly (not) what Canadian magazine publishers need.
Thank you, Anon, for the info.
Good thing (for now, at least) that most of the ones I buy are on pre-paid subscriptions.