Saturday, November 07, 2009

Taking a positive step for the Arts

Today saw a diverse group of artists gather for an Open Space forum. Our goal? To formulate answers to the day’s guiding question, What will grow and sustain our local arts community?

The day's gathering was sponsored by the City of White Rock, but drew artists in many genres from well beyond the boundaries of the city.

For a change, despite all the doom-and-gloom cutbacks we’ve seen to the arts here in BC, I think all of us left with the feeling that things are going to improve.

As one of the visual artists in attendance envisioned it, she showed us her painting of a bud ready to burst. She followed that with a second piece -- blossoming into this vibrant display.


Janet Vickers said...

a bud ready to burst open is a lovely, gentle metaphor for this planet, beseiged as it has been through the centuries, with destructive power struggles.

hg said...

Yes, it is an apt metaphor -- and also one for the fragile state of our arts communities. Looking forward to blossom time!

MCDFB said...

that piece is terrific! it reminds me of Hildegard von Bingen's visions.

hg said...

Oh MCDFB, your comment sent me googling to find out who she was. Is she the same one who invented her very own alphabet? If yes, she was some impressive lady, even if more than a tad uptight.