Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The 4 Rs of Recycling

Even though I only see 2 Rs in the word Recycler, I'm a big fan of all of the supposed 4Rs: Reduce, Re-use, Recycle (though it seems redundant to list this as an aspect of recycling, but whatever) and Recover.

When it comes to seeing results, Reduce is probably the hardest one to follow. Face it, reducing means there'll be fewer things in your life -- especially things that might need throwing away. That can be hard for me, especially when it comes to books, or I suppose, reducing my weight. Let's just say I'm workin' on those.

Still, I'm probably what many would consider an obsessive recycler, especially when it comes to the re-use part. I love wearing second-hand (pre-worn? heck, they get away with saying pre-driven cars) clothes. They're always softer and seem readier to fit to my body. Earlier this spring, when we redid (there's another R) our kitchen, we re-used nearly all the old cupboards, just re-arranged them so their configuration would make more sense.

When the four Rs say Recover, I know they mean salvaging components and materials, but I like to think of it more literally -- re-covering a cushion, that sort of thing. To think I actually still have the pillow I loved best as a kid, only it's been recovered so I can use it as a seat cushion.

But of course, there's the other kind of 'Recover' -- the kind that says you've got over a bad cold or maybe even a bad habit. I'd like to think I'll never recover from this particular obsession.

When it comes to re-use, I may be the queen. Yep, that's a note on a toilet paper core.

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