Sunday, March 16, 2008

A weird question about movies

Yesterday, after a day of more kitchen reno-ing, we watched an odd little Renee Zellweger film, A Price Above Rubies. Supposedly set in NY (I suspect it was actually shot in Montreal or Toronto, as it's credited as a Canadian production), I couldn't help notice the skyline.

Whenever I see the NY skyline, I can't help scan for those ridiculously tall twin towers. When they aren't there (as in this film), I wonder about them. Paranoid as I guess I must be, I sometimes consider whether there's been editing done to ensure they don't appear, reminding us of what used to stand there.

I think I'd like to start collecting films with skyline shots, to see what they show. Strange quest of the week, no doubt, but still, I'd like to know. Besides, it sounds like a great excuse to give Manhattan another chance.

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