Wednesday, November 14, 2007

O, Blogger, where art thou?

Monday's storm here left us without power. This wasn't your usual annoyance-type-outage -- the kind that sends you re-setting every clockish appliance in the house. We were living on candlepower for over 40 hours.

All because one of the beautiful old trees in our neighbourhood blew down, snagging a power line as it fell across the lane.

So this morning, I'm appreciative as I sit here typing on this lighted screen that connects me to the world. Still, as I sip my hot coffee (made in the under-counter automatic unit, not on the burner of the old fondue set), I cringe as I can hear the wind rising yet again.

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JSK said...

I'm sorry you lost a tree and spent so many hours without power. Better now than in the middle of winter though I suppose.
I wonder if you would trade for our situation in Georgia where the local power company contracts with a tree service to remove every limb or top out any tree that might fall and take out the power lines.
Neither is an optimal scenario. :-(