Tuesday, August 14, 2007

YVR, what a place!

Because a pal was passing through town and had a some stopover time, I drove out and met her for some lunch and a visit.

Maybe I was just feeling happy from our visit, but I was sure glad to see all those free carts. When I think of all the airports where you have to come up with a couple of bucks (often tricky if you haven't yet purchased local currency), I can't help but think these are a great PR move. I just hope the Olympic hype doesn't cause them to change the policy. Yay, YVR! In this instance, you rock.

Now, if only they'd initiate the first-half-hour free parking policy -- like the one they have at Buffalo's airport. It'd sure make those pick-up trips easier!


Janet Vickers said...

Yes I feel proud of the art and the cleanliness of Vancouver Airport. Compare with Heathrow, Johannesburg or even Toronto and Vancouver still comes up a winner

Kimmy said...

SO good to see you too, Heidi, and to think your day was made even brighter by the free carts!