Friday, May 18, 2007

Hard times on the Greyhound-dog bus

When’s the last time you took a Greyhound bus? The last time you did a long-distance trek on anything besides a plane, or in the privacy of your own vehicle?

If you can’t remember, it’s probably because you’ve ‘graduated’ from that class of wage-earners (or the unwaged) who can’t afford a better class of transport.

I make no bones about it. I’m a union supporter. Still, it’s hard for me to feel good about the current Greyhound strike. I’m worried that the only people who are going to be affected by this are those who have very little leverage in society. They’re the elderly, the very young, the poor. Or they’re people who live in communities that aren’t served by other forms of transportation.

Who’s the eventual winner in this one?

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