Friday, March 30, 2007

I forgot to wear a flower

. . . when I went to San Francisco. Luckily, my friend who lives there is named Flower, so maybe hanging with her made up for the oversight.

First stop on the adventures was City Lights Books -- a dream of a bookstore. And located where else, but on the corner where Columbus meets Jack Kerouac!

If you look down while you walk along Jack Kerouac's street, you'll see these great inlaid signs, including this one, my favourite: "In the company of best friends, there is never enough wine."

It's hard to believe this was my first visit to the city of Haight-Ashbury fame (although, no, I didn't make it to that part -- next time!).


Anonymous said...

I was there too!

Ida P said...

Me too!

Kimmy said...

though I've got a bunch of City Lights books (Kerouac mostly, the fave being "Pomes all Sizes") I've yet to make that pilgrimmage. One of these fine days, I too will stroll down Jack Kerouac. Hmm, that sounds fun no matter how you slice it!

Bec said...

Love the pictures, Heidi, esp. the peace sign! I remember going there and then to the bar next door (Vesuvio?) Apparently Dylan Thomas once got wasted there. It's a shrine, man.

hg said...

Yep, we made it to Vesuvio too. But that's a story (and pics) for another day.