Saturday, June 10, 2006


How is it that nearly three weeks have gone by since I've posted anything? Yikes.

It isn't that there haven't been things going on. There was Rhona McAdam's book launch in Vancouver for her new collection, Cartography (at the very bottom of that link to her publisher).

Just a few days later there was another launch, but in Victoria this time, for Steve Noyes' Ghost Country and Mitch Parry's Tacoma Narrows. (You have to scroll down quite a ways to find the image and info about Tacoma Narrows, but it's worth it, if only to see its shimmery cover art.) If you're up for reading a review of it, click here. Believe me, it was quite the experience having two such powerful books launching together.

Oh, and there's another story to go with this double launch, but that'll come in a separate posting. This is just a hint that there's much more to come, including the long-awaited, nearly-complete Reunion of the Chicks.

I'll be back -- and much sooner than in three weeks!


Kimmy Beach said...

i eagerly await your take on the near-complete reunion.

Janet said...

Perhaps the chicks will create another chap book!

Kimmy Beach said...

the idea has definitely popped up in the past, janet :-)