Sunday, January 17, 2021

He got his wall

There used to be a cartoon character called Tweety Bird. As far as I can tell, this creature had nothing to do with the contemporary icon, the Twitter Bird. That one is apparently named Larry T.[The] Bird after the Boston Celtics' basketball star, Larry Bird.

The Twitter Bird that holds court on all things Twitter, the platform that no longer allows Tweets from Donald Trump. That account's been closed, we hear permanently.

Strangely, the little bird in the photo, which to me at least looks a lot like his cousin on Twitter, no longer has a voice. The gizmo inside him that used to make a 'tweeting' sound when you moved him has worn itself out. Something like the way that president's voice has worn itself out. 

Oh well, at least he got his wall. He must be disappointed that it's currently around the government buildings in Washington, D.C. and not quite the kind of wall he'd promised. 

Three more days. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Entering a new phase

This vine-entwined portal opens onto a path that doesn't seem all that clear. But then, that's pretty much the way the world is feeling to me these days. 

The virus continues to rage, and so do the terrible-sounding plans for rebellious events in the US. Frightening, and hard to say which seems worse. 

Tonight's new moon is the first of this still mostly-new year, though its skinny fingernail of light will likely not be visible here. We're still experiencing more rain than usual, which makes for obscured skies. Still, that moon symbolizes another new beginning

And obscured, hard-to-know-what-comes-next days are how things feel, especially in light of the many changes occurring on the political scene.

Really, all I figure I can really ask from our elected officials is honesty. 

So, in that light, pale though the light of a new moon might be, I say to our premier, Mr. Horgan, please face up to the massive mistake that is Site C. Stop it now, so we can move towards actions to remediate the disaster the site has become -- quick, before it gets any worse. 

Thursday, January 07, 2021

Christmas Redux

We must love Christmas more than most people do, as today we're observing it again. Why? Because today is Orthodox Christmas

The day started with a big breakfast, one that's lasted us long enough that we can wait 'til supper for a Christmas dinner.

Presents aren't a part of this celebration. In fact, tomorrow we'll be packing away any gifts still sitting under the tree (not an evergreen, a decorated hibiscus). That's when we'll also be taking down the lights and other decorations. 

The amaryllis, now on its second branch of blossoms, can stay for a while. Its beauty helps dispel the mostly rainy days we've had of late and seems to offer the promise of spring. 

Wednesday, January 06, 2021

A fresh start

The blank page of a new calendar always feels like it means the chance for a fresh start on things. 

One of the matters we always settle up for the beginning of the year is our bills. 

I've long called our method a marriage-saver, as it's meant we've never needed to argue about money. 

When I buy something, I tear a small rip in the top of my receipt and put it into what we call 'the jar' (even though it's actually a drawer, and not a jar at all). When the guy buys, he puts his receipt into the same place, but because it's un-torn, we know he paid. 

At the end of the year, we separate the chits and make our totals. We figure out the difference, divide it in half, and that's how much the person who spent less pays to the one who paid more. 

Once we've got that figured out, we burn all those supermarket and produce store and home repair shop and pizza place receipts. 

Because it's been raining so much, we had to wait for our annual bonfire. But yes, here it is -- a fresh start on 'the jar' and on a new year. 

Here's hoping we're not the only ones heading into fresh territory, especially after the horrific events in the US today. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Two men I love

Two of the men I love the most gave me the same gift for Christmas. A book about love, written by an author (a man) I love. 

Today is also the birthday of two other men (one an author) that I love. 

A day for reading about love, thinking about love -- not a bad way to spend a day. 

Friday, December 25, 2020

One of a kind

At least we're certainly hoping that this Christmas holiday will not need to be repeated. No family gatherings, no Solstice party, and certainly no big gala for New Year's Eve. 

Still, it's giving us memories we won't forget. 

Think of the stories from the pandemic of 1918 -- the year my father was born. I can only imagine how worried my gramma must have been, hoping she wouldn't get sick while she was pregnant. 

We'll all have our own stories, though I'm sure we'll be happier when they're well in the rear-view mirror. 

Onward, towards the new year, but for now, let's celebrate Christmas. 

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Comin' back

This week brought the news that we may well be starting the long road back to some kind of normalcy, with the first people receiving injections of vaccine against the virus that's ravaged the human race. It feels like the first sign that the world we used to know might be comin' back. 

Tomorrow (or, here on the West Coast of Canada, 2am tonight) brings another kind of coming back --- the one we are blessed with every year, the Solstice, when the days again start to grow longer and hope grows along with the daylight. 

This year also brings a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that hasn't occurred for hundreds of years, maybe another sign that life on Earth is soon to improve. Because those 'conjoined' stars will be so bright, they've been dubbed this year's 'Christmas Star'. 

Those iris sprouting in between the leaves outside my local library looked like a harbinger of spring not impossibly far off. 

Good things on the horizon, getting nearer all the time.